Heron Golf Management Group

Heron – what’s in a name?

The 'Heron' is a welcome guest on a golf course

The Herons are a widespread family with a cosmopolitan distribution. The most outstanding feature about the heron is its elegance and its confidence. Their presence on the golf course never disturbs and is seen as an added-value for both the course as well as the player. Unlike numerous other of their species, the herons are very patient. They stand still, watch and wait to catch that one fish. And when they decide to go for it, they have a sharp and seamless movement.

It is therefore obvious we have chosen the symbol of the Heron for our management group as we combine these skills in our organisation.  We want to add value to your project without ever be disturbing. We will take the time that is needed, together with you and once we have our action plan ready, we execute in a seamless and efficient fashion. Last but not least we have the highest respect for the environment!

Meet the Heron Golf Management Group - team members.